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Grumpy's Mini Tour - ZORB (1 to 3 rides)

Duration: Approximately 1 1/2 hours from pick up to drop off.
Pick up and Drop off: From or to local city accommodation
Tour times: 8:30 am / 10:00 am / 11:30 am / 1:30 pm / 3:00 pm


Girl in ZORB

Choose your ride type - choose your track.


The Zorbit™ is a fully harnessed single person ride! Rolling head over heels down one of our straight fast tracks you stay 100% dry! You must be at least 1.6m tall to ride the Zorbit™ and the maximum weight is 100kgs. Kids you must be 6 years or above to jump into the Zorbit™!


The Zydro™ is an action packed ride you can enjoy alone or with up to two friends! You wiggle inside our globes along with some water (warm in winter!) and you rolling down your choice of track options! The Zydro™ has a maximum weight of 130kgs if riding alone or 250kgs combined if you are with friends! You must be 6 years or above to ride!


  1. Fast lanes - Straight tracks

    The fast lanes are for both ZORBIT™ and ZYDRO™ rides! With this variation you can take up to two friends with you on your wild ZYDRO™ ride. The fast lanes are a great introduction to ZORB®.

  2. The Zig - Zag

    If you want to step it up a notch, the Zig-Zag ZYDRO™ is for you. All alone inside the globe, your journey takes you down a track with twists, turns, Zigs and Zags that will have you sliding backwards, sideways and upsidedown. This ride is definitely for those seeking a little more excitement in their life. Note: The Zig-Zag is ZYDRO™ only

  3. The Drop

    The Drop is Rotorua's newest and most adventurous track yet! Beginning with a leisurely roll to the edge of the hill followed by a vertical drop of approximately 25m into the unknown. With three deep switch-back corners built into it, The Drop provides thrills you won't experience anywhere else! Note: The Drop is ZYDRO™ only

What to bring

A Camera!
Your swim suit
A Towel
Sun protection cream

What is provided

Comfortable Transport
Your Personal Driver/Guide
Full commentary
1 ride Package includes: Any ride of your choice

3 ride Package includes: Any 3 rides of your choice

What is NOT included

Food and refreshments

Adults (1 ride):- NZD 67.00
Adults (3 rides):- NZD 106.00
Kids:- Sorry no separate Kid's price.
See above ride descriptions for height, weight & age restrictions